The Platinum Audio Systems Company was founded in year 2004, with investment from Edifier Group (Edifier Technology CO., LTD). We specialize in the design and development of home audio, professional audio and music instrument amplification products. Using the most advanced state of the art R&D and testing equipment, our team of engineering is headed by internationally renowned audio designer Phil Jones, who was also the original founder of the British audio company Acoustic Energy.
The trademark “AirPulse” is registered internationally and owned by Platinum Audio Systems Company


Prepare for the next step in auditory revolution with the musical and tonal genius of Phil Jones. Phil Jones’ achievements in audio engineering made him the ideal lead designer for AirPulse. Since 1994 Phil has been designing and producing AirPulse loud speaker systems that have won awards such as the Golden Sound Award for the best loud speaker developed in the last 100 years. Phil’s speakers have been used by legendary studios such as Abby Road Studios. Now, Phil aspires to bring about the next generation of sound with AirPulse.

  • 1954 - Phil Jones was born in London, England.
  • 1968 - Phil Jones builds his first bass guitar, amplifier and speaker cabinet.
  • 1980 - Joined the historic Vitavox Loudspeaker Co. as production engineer making high performance cinema sound and home audio loudspeakers.
  • 1981 - Started sound reinforcement company in London using his own proprietary designs. First in the world to develop subwoofers in sound reinforcement systems and first to discover the phenomenon of power compression in audio transducers. Pioneered the use of Ferro-fluid technology in PA compression drivers.
  • 1987 - Founded Acoustic Energy and designed the famous AE-1 near-field monitors; used in Abby Road Studios among many others.
  • 1990 - Designed Boston Acoustic’s premier Lynnfield Series loudspeakers.
  • 1994 - Founded Platinum Audio designing and manufacturing hi-fi speakers and monitors.
  • 1998 - Designed and produced Air Pulse loudspeaker system which sold for $275,000 per pair. Praised by Japan Audio Society winning the Golden Sound Award as best loudspeaker developed in 100-year history of loudspeakers.
  • 1998 - Founded American Acoustic Development (AAD) for pro audio, home and mobile. Current products include hi-fi, guitar amplifiers and PA systems
  • 1998 - Opened manufacturing facility in China producing every component including drivers and cabinets. 200 employees, 300,000 square foot facility.
  • 2002 - Pioneered use of 5″ drivers for bass guitar amplifiers after 10 years of research.
  • 2002 - Founded Phil Jones Bass developing hi-fi amplifiers for bass players.